The following breakdown illustrates the technical specifications for The Waterside Theatre.


  • Proscenium Arch
  • Floor Area 13.9 metres by 10metres deep
  • Maple floor semi sprung (no screws or bolts in floor)
  • Crossover at rear, wings variable
  • Height to grid 12.4 metres
  • Height to top of pros 6 metres
  • Scenery flying no more than 5 metres
  • 12x1kw Claire motorized flying bars (3 metres per min) S.W.L. 250KG per bar
  • 4x12 way 16 Amp 1W Lighting bars (movable)
  • Various Masking legs and borders 8 of 2.65mtr masking legs, 3 of 12mtr X 2mtr black borders, 1 of 12 mtr x 3mtr border
  • Maroon FOH Tab Curtains (Hand Winch)


  • Zero 88 Solutions XL Lighting Desk with touch screen monitor
  • 12X Source Four Junior Zoom Profiles 575W
  • 6X Selecon 15 - 34 degree Profiles
  • 24X Selecon 1K Fresnel
  • 12X LED Zoom Par
  • 8X Elumen Kudos RGBW moving heads (Wash)
  • 8X Isolution iMove Led Moving heads (Spot)
  • 6X LED Colour Storm Quad Batten
  • 1X Follow spot
  • 125 X 2KW SLC (stage lighting circuits) rear of auditorium (as sound position)
  • All lighting bars are 12 way IWB 16 Amp on motorized bar S.W.L 250kg
  • All controlled by Lighting Console and dimmable House of Lights


  • Soundcraft Expression 24CH Digital Desk
  • D.A.S. Line Array system
  • 3X D.A.S. Powered Monitors
  • 6X Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphones
  • 2X AKG Condenser Microphones
  • 1X Trantec S4, 16 8way wireless Mic system w/8 belt packs and 8 Trantec HM 22 SJ head worn Mics
  • 1X Trantec S5.3 4way wireless Mic system w/4 handheld vocal Mics
  • 8X Klotz Passive D.I. Boxes
  • 10X Mic Stands w/carry bags
  • 1X MD Player
  • 1X CD Player
  • Able to connect Laptop
  • Acoustic suitable for spoken work & loud/soft music

Stage Power Supply

  • 72 S. Lighting Circuits from G-Way Soccapex Outlets
  • 48 S. lighting Circuits set at 5 metres high
  • 24 S. Lighting Circuits at floor level 6 DSR, 6DSL, 6USR, and 6USL 
  • All S.L.C. rated at 2kw 10 amps, all hard wired to Robert Juliat Tivoli Dimmers
  • 2 x 16Amp Ceeform Sound Sockets USL + R
  • 8 x 13Amp Sound Sockets located DSR +DSL
  • 8 x13Amp General Purpose located DSR +DSL
  • 12 x XLR Patch Panels each DSL +DSR
  • 2 x DMX Outlets DSL + 5mtrs high
  • Also 63 Amp 3 phase +neutral for temp dimmer supply (15 metre extension needed)


  • 1X Genie scissor lift
  • 1X ELC Focus Hand Riggers remote
  • 1X Comms Set Inc. 4 Belt packs and 4 Headsets
  • 1X Cyclorama
  • 1X Cinema Screen DS